Sunday, August 29, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 34

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, August-23: Travel. Write about the most important item you like to carry with you for a long day of traveling.
Depends on the activity of that "day of traveling":
- In bus, train or plane: MP3-Player, a good book, my travel journal.
- On the road: A map, a credit card and a good song on radio. *thinking-of-easy-rider*
- Backpacking/ Sightseeing: Good shoes, water and a camera.
- Got lost: Bear Grylls' survival package! *g*

Tuesday, August-24: Pet. Describe an everyday scene from the point of view of a pet.
Saturday, anytime late morning, bedroom:
Finally! It's about time she's waking up! Okay, test: *purr-purr-purr* Check! Ready for the show!
Meow-mooorning. *nudge-with-the-head* Ah, here comes the hand. *purr-purr-purr* I love our daily morning smooch and cuddle. Ah, here is fine and ... yes ... a little on the belly ... Oh, she lifts the blanket ... I love caves ... no, no focus, focus! Hunger! Come on, * yowl* I'm starving!
Hey Amira, what about supporting me here? Naw, everyday the same, she's just like her, a late sleeper and I'm alone with all the work.
All right, it's time to haul out the big guns! *jump-on-the-chest* *patter-with-a-little-use-of-claws* *deeper-more-intense-purr* Let's try the paw-on-the-mouth-move! Mouth - food - here in, these broad hint usually works! Yeah, it does!
She's getting up! *jump-off-the bed* Hey, no! Not in the bathroom first ... come on, please! Don't you hear I'm starving down here?
*run-in-the-kitchen* *MEOW* Here's the place for some action! At last ... she's coming! Come on, hurry up, starving creature down here!
All right, NOW Mrs. Sleeping Beauty comes to support me, after all the major work is done. *sniff* Oh, seems to be fish! *yummie* Come one, give, give, give ... *MEOW* I knooow, we should eat slowly, you don't have to tell this every morning ... Ahhh *sigh* it's luscious!

(P.S. This scene did not just happen a few hours ago, but in various versions every single morning over the last few years! *sigh* The can opener!)

Wednesday, August-25: Glass houses. Make up a new ending for this saying: "People who live in glass houses shouldn't..."
People who live in glass houses shouldn't be surprised to find themselves on the "Funniest Video Show".

Thursday, August-26: Wind. You are the wind's interpreter. What is it saying?
I'm the one, who's rarely be seen, but can see everything.
I'm the one, who's loved, when I bring the first whiff of spring or the promising smell of a summer evening barbecue.
I'm the one, who's also feared, when fire, water or dust follow my way.
I'm the one with no voice, but when you listen carefully, I can speak to you in the whisper of the trees.
I'm the one, who comes from everywhere and nowhere, but who's always there.
Come and listen to my voice!

Friday, August-27: Texture. Write a brief bit of fiction that involves a description of at least one texture.
With silent reverence she looked at the old master's painting. It was so breathtaking wonderful. Slowly she moved one step forward, stopped right in front of the picture and took a closer look. She raised her hand carefully, but didn't dare to touch the surface. She could see the structure on the surface, the little hills and valleys the oil paint had left. When she took a deep breath she could still catch a tiny whiff of the paint within the stronger smell of old paper and wood. Standing so close, the fine and vivid strokes of the brush seemed to make a whole different painting ... and still, she was impressed. It was better to step back again, before some security guy would call on her, and admire the beauty of the painting from the distance.

Another win as Daily Winner! *yippie*

Saturday, August-28: Food. Write about a food that gives you a specific emotional response.
I like eating and there are different foods I connect wonderful memories and positive emotions with … strange, but while reading this prompt I instantly had to think of pineapple. I used to like them, but nowadays I react very heavily on them. Out of courtesy I don't want to mention all the symptoms, let's just call it a very heavy colic. Maybe this reaction is so dominant in my brain, because it was the very first time my body had reacted so heavy (in a negative way) to any kind of food.

Sunday, August-29: Wedding/funeral. Write about a memorable wedding, funeral, or memorial service you've attended.
You'll never forget the funeral of your beloved mother.
RIP Mom!


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