Sunday, August 22, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 33

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, August-16: Sale. Write the text of an ad you'd love to see for something on sale.
Do you feel that there is too much crime and violence in this world? Here is the chance everyone can afford, for just one penny/cent: Humanity!

Another win as Daily Winner! *yippie*

Tuesday, August-17: Shower. Baby showers and bridal showers are common in America. What other event do you think should be celebrated with a gift-filled "shower"?
The industry for gifts, chocolates and flowers is very good in inventing new holidays. But still, there are silent heroes, you don't find a greeting card for. I think of all those people with honorary posts, helping the poor, the old, the social outsiders. THEY should be honored and rewarded!

Wednesday, August-18: Overindulgence. In what way is 21st century society the most overindulgent?
Every medal has two sides. Without doubt, living in rich countries of the Northern hemisphere, we have too much food, too much technique equipment, too much of almost everything. Living in a country of the Third World means having too much hunger, too much violence, too much suffer from natural disasters. So, the question of the 21st century society is NOT overindulgence, BUT balance!

Thursday, August-19: Forward/backward. What is holding you back or pushing you forward?
Backward: My lack of confidence, my fear of the new and unexpected, my compulsion-to-be-Mrs.-100%-Perfect, my experiences in the past. In short what's holding me back: ME!
Forward: As long as I could think I've always felt this inner mainspring. The thirst for knowledge, the hunger for unexplored areas, the desperate need for something new. No matter what, my inner glowing power has always been with me. So, what's pushing me forward: ME!

Friday, August-20: Ocean. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Ocean".
There it was again, that sparkle in his eyes. Every time he gave her that look, it took her breath away and her body was humming with electricity. In his beautiful eyes, blue-green like an ocean, she could drown deep to the bottom and get lost in his beautiful soul.

Saturday, August-21: Uniform. Describe the uniform you wear for your job, or what a uniform for your profession should look like.
To cut the matter short: Business outfit!

Sunday, August-15: City. You are in charge of designing a new city. Describe your design.
I think of a symbiosis of natural materials and modern techniques. Every house would produce its own electricity, either with wind or sun. There would be rain tanks on the roofs, to collect the water used for toilets. The cars would run by electricity and/or magnets and underground, so above ground there is enough place for parks and gardens. I think of living WITH the nature, not destroying it for selfish purpose.


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