Saturday, July 17, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 28

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, July-12: Gender. Write about a way in which you don't relate to many other members of your gender.
Aren't women supposed to be addicted to shoes? I'm not! Definitely not! As a teenage girl I LOVED to wear plateau shoes, but then one day I broke my ankle. Not from these shoes, NO! It was much plainer: I stumbled down some stairs - with sneakers on! After recovering I was kind of "shoe-cured". Now you'll find a countable number of useful shoes in my wardrobe. But be sure, I've found another way to spend all the shoe-saved money!

Tuesday, July-13: Frame. If you could frame a moment of your life, and experience it again every time you saw it, what moment would you choose?
Ah, there are a lot of moments I like to frame, but as the anniversary of my mother's death comes closer I wished I had another moment with her ...

Wednesday, July-14: Feet. If your feet could talk, what would they say to you right now?
*waggle-wiggle* Summer is great, isn't it? Lots of bare-footed occasions! But hey, you up there, a little refreshing footbath and some crème treatment would be nice! What do you think?

Thursday, July-15: Summer. Write about a summer activity you enjoyed as a child, that you'd like to experience again as an adult.
I'm not sure, if I'm grown up yet - I still enjoy free summer days a lot. But somehow I miss the jauntiness. The only thing that had bothered me was to be home on time. Swimming, laughing with the other girls, running, joking with boys, eating ice cream and French-fries ... everything was pure lightheartedness. I wished to experience this particular innocent feeling again.

Friday, July-16: Sharp. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Sharp".
The day the big box arrived I had to leave the house. My man and his boys danced the conga. Like an act of state they celebrated our new monster Plasma TV! With lots of beer, lots of soccer and endless discussions about bla bla bla this and bla bla bla that and bla bla bla whatsoever extra of his new baby!
But be sure, I'll be back. With my girls and a new box with the complete series of "Sex & the City". Revenge is so sweet, my dear!
Oh, you think, I've missed the prompt? Haven't I mentioned the brand of that monster? It was a "SHARP"!

Saturday, July-17: Body. Write about one thing you wish your body was capable of.
The ability to disappear and reappear at my wished destination. *sigh* A weekend on a Caribbean Island, a musical in London, a spicy dinner somewhere in India, a shopping trip in New York ... This would be like magic!

Sunday, July-11: Idea. Write about one of the best ideas you've ever had.
I consider my NEXT idea is the best idea ever.


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