Sunday, July 11, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 27

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, July-05: Odd. Write about something other people think is odd about you.
I'd like to quote Hedgie, who wrote:  
"Nothing, really. Well, okay, maybe the second head."
This is so much better than everything I had in mind! *ggg*

Tuesday, July-06: Butterflies. When do you get butterflies in your stomach?
I'm not in the mood to talk about in-love-butterflies! Let me think ... I guess my sprightliest butterflies I have the moment before I enter a room for a new class of students. You never know what to expect, how they are, if you come along with them, how the atmosphere during the whole course will be. No matter how often I've done this before. My heart beats up to my throat, I can hear the blood rush in my ears and my hands are getting wet. But this adrenaline rush gives me the power to do my best!

Wednesday, July-07: Heritage. What heritage have you received from your ancestors?
Politely speaking, most of my family members can be called hillbillies. With one exception: My beloved mother. Besides her limiting background, she was a free spirit. A person with a great thirst for knowledge. A wonderful mind, open for other countries and cultures. A strong woman and mother. I'm proud to call me her daughter!

Thursday, July-08: Just Say No. Write about a situation in which someone should have just said "no".
Inspired by Jasmine Tea, who wrote...
"September 11.
Why the hell didn't SOMEONE say no?!!"

There are so many situations as well in history as in my personal life when someone should have better said "no". But every medal has two sides: How else should you (and others) learn from the mistakes, if everything is working right?

Friday, July-09: Sequel. Think of a novel or short story you really enjoyed. Write the first few lines of how you think its sequel should begin. (Be sure to tell us what book or story you've chosen!)
No! Isn't it given proof that almost every sequel, no matter if book or movie, is a disappointing disaster? I refuse to think of any kind of sequel ... well, okay maybe, as I'm re-reading Harry Potter series at the moment, I'm curious to know more what had happened with all my beloved characters becoming of age.

Saturday, July-10: Common. Complete this thought: I have an instant rapport with someone when I find out we have this in common:
I have an instant rapport with someone when I find out that we have at least one topic we are both enthusiastic about. Could be a book or a country or a hobby. When I think of my friends I have different people to talk to for different topics. *smiles* I doubt that one friend of mine would come along with another, just because of our/their different interests!

Sunday, July-11: Overdone. Write about a time you overdid it (whatever "it" is!)
I'm a very passionate person. Once caught fire for something, it's my second nature to "overdoing" it. I get so enthusiastic, that I almost completely focus on this project/object/hobby/book/country/whatever. It's hard for my environment, they've already suffer from my various fixations, they call them obsessions. I call it passion!


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