Sunday, July 04, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 26

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, June-28: Water. Write about a memory you have of playing in the water.
I've always loved water. My Mum had quite a hard time with me to get me out of the pool or the bathtub. But I think my most intense memory is when we were in Hurghada/Egypt. We'd made a boat trip and had a stop in the open water of the Red Sea in middle of nowhere. It's hard to describe the feeling within only one minute. To know that between you and solid ground are several hundreds of meters. It's wonderful and exciting and thrilling and scary ... simply just *wow*.

Tuesday, June-29: Introvert/Extrovert. Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert? How does this compare to how others see you?
In our life everyone of us plays different roles. The role in my business life demands characteristic like frankness and sociableness, that's why I'm more extrovert there. In my private life I play a whole different role: There I prefer to be introvert. I'm more the silent observer.

Wednesday, June-30: Name/verb. Turn your name into a verb. Give a definition and/or an example of its use.
Nofretiri. Synonym for doing something with passion. Example: The painter Michelangelo had nofretiried the ceiling of the Sistine.

Thursday, July-01: Delegate. What responsibility would you like to delegate to someone else? What responsibility would you have a hard time delegating?
Delegate. Definitely every kind of housework. I'm not really the best housewife. Hard to delegate. For sure everything I enjoy doing, like reading, traveling, etc.

Friday, July-02: Spill. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "spill."
The heat these days doesn't help my creativity. The only thing that comes into my mind is that one instruction of my Wreck This Journal, which says: "Pour, Spill, Drip, Spit, Fling Your Coffee Here." (Haven't done that page yet!)

Saturday, July-03: Six word Saturday. Describe your life in six words.
Quote: "Like a box of chocolates!"

Sunday, July-04: Silly. Write about a time you felt silly.
To make it short: Every time I fell in love! *smiles*


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