Monday, September 12, 2011

7-Sins: Pride.

"Are you too proud, Mr. Darcy? And would you consider pride a fault or a virtue?"* - That's a very good question Miss Elisabeth is asking, is it not?
I mostly experience pride in my profession, when my clients did something for the first time. THEIR achievements, THEIR efforts, THEIR success fill my heart with warmth and joy and happiness. And that's just one little example, when I consider pride as a virtue.
But I also experienced the other side of the medal, pride as a fault, e.g. when you need help. Your situation is already miserable and you make it even worse, when false pride inhibits you to ask for needed help.
So, dear Miss Elisabeth, pride can be both: virtue AND fault. Like so very often in life it depends on the circumstances.


*Quote from the movie 'Pride & Prejudice' with Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen, based on the novel by Jane Austen.

All right, that's my start into the 7-sins-week. With 135 words I've already broken the 100 words limit - it's really difficult to say something on such a capacious topic. Anyway, I'm curious to see, how my fellow writers got along with that task!?

CU tomorrow with 'Greed'!


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