Tuesday, September 13, 2011

7-Sins: Greed.

Christmas wish lists. My brain produced that picture of enthusiastic children writing their sheer endless list of wishes to Santa Claus. What would a child from a Third World country write on his list? I'm quite sure, the list would be much shorter and the items very differently!
And I began to wonder, if 'Greed' is that one sin, that we all get trained for while coming off age. What makes us, that we constantly want more than we already have? Be honest, how many things, that you don't need or even have never used, do you have in your wardrobes and shelves?
And like yesterday with 'Pride' I asked myself, is there a good side of 'Greed', too? Maybe in its softer form 'Ambition', when we factor out all the jealousy and envy to achieve goals without harming others. That's not easy, because 'Greed' is so seductive!


All right, maybe I'm greedy for words, these were 148, I try to keep my word count under 150!

CU tomorrow with 'Lust'!


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