Monday, September 05, 2011

I'm Back For The 7-Sins-Challenge.

One sign that summer is slowly coming to an end is the light. On a late August evening - just like so many, many times before - I laid comfortably on my couch, held a book in my hands and enjoyed the adventures of reading. Through the wide open window shone a wonderful light, the sun had almost disappeared behind the trees on the Western horizon. A soft breeze brought the scent of freshly dried hay and now and then you could smell a whiff of barbecue smoke. Cicadas and grasshoppers gave their daily concert, only disturbed by the distant people's murmur. The evening was almost too perfect to stick your nose between the pages, but I simply can't help it, that's what I love to do! Much too early I had to recognize that I needed some lights to decipher the lines on the pages - the time of long summer days is coming to an end. The end of the summer is near. With this in mind, there's no longer a justification to be on 'Summer Break', isn't it? And here I am, right back, starting with a new challenge.

The 7-Sins-Challenge was originally held on 'Thoughts, Musings and Broken Promises'. (Unfortunately the blog has been deleted in the meantime!) As I was on summer break I didn't participate, but - just like it's the nature of sins - the challenge got stuck in my mind and I'm still too tempted to give it my own try!

The premises of the original challenge were as follows:
Seven Days
Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Flash Fictions up to 100 words
Starting 7/7

As for my part I intend to stick to that conditions ... all right, all right, the date 7/7 was much cooler, but already over and - as some of you know me - I don't want to wait for another whole year ... so, I looked out for another magical date. First, I was thinking on 9/9 starting time 9:00 h! 999 as inverted 666. I'm mad, I know! But then, 9/11 came into my mind. I want to respect that date! That for I decided to give us all another week of preparation and the dates are now as follows:

Monday, 9/12 - Pride
Tuesday, 9/13 - Greed
Wednesday, 9/14 - Lust
Thursday, 9/15 - Wrath
Friday, 9/16 - Gluttony
Saturday, 9/17 - Envy
Sunday, 9/18 - Sloth

Sins are broken rules, right?! That for, I think ... when you decide to join in ... you can break the 'Flash Fiction Rule'. Write more than 100 words, draw a picture, doodle, make a photograph, create a sculpture, do whatever comes into your mind!

Hope to see you next Monday for a sinful week!


P.S. My Book List 2011 grew quite well over the last couple of weeks!


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