Wednesday, September 14, 2011

7-Sins: Lust.

Just a single, ordinary word. But said in his wonderful low baritone, it made her whole body vibrate. Like in slow motion he came close to her, took the fruit in his hand. She didn't see, what he was doing, she was caught by the sparkles in his deep blue eyes. Fiery shivers rolled down her spine.
»Close your eyes and open your mouth!«, he whispered.
The taste of the strawberry and the chocolate were delicious, but nothing compared to the soft lips, that now found her mouth. Gently he kissed away the remaining juice. His tongue softly stroked her lips. Her breath speeded up. When he began to kiss her, she thought, that she'd never tasted something sweeter than that. An unknown hunger began to rose in her stomach and she knew, only he and his mouth and his wonderful body can satisfy this desire.


Well, sorry my dears, with 147 words I had to stop here. By far not enough words to catch such a scene - I hope you agree with me?

I also registered, that my English vocabulary is quite insufficient to find the appropriate words, it's so much easier to write something like that in my mother tongue. (Tongues ... yummy! *g*)

CU tomorrow with 'Wrath'!


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