Friday, September 16, 2011

7-Sins: Gluttony.

Oh my God! Ice sculptures! And have you seen the carvings in the watermelons? This buffet is a piece of art, as far as the eye can see. And the smell - just mouthwatering!
Have you tried that Asian soup? It's just spicy enough to tickle your tongue. And the salad! I simply couldn't resist, I tried the dressing and it was heavenly creamy! Oh, and the antipasti, like straight from Italy! Then the main dishes ... it's difficult to pick a favorite. I tasted so many different flavors: the crispy chicken, the saddle of venison with that delicate pepper gravy, two ... no, three different types of fish, some crabs and other sea food, of course I couldn't resist a few bites of Sushi. Oh, there were so many other delicious things! Furthermore the beverages: Have you known that plain sparkling water could taste like that one from France? Or all that freshly squeezed juices - just delicate and refreshing! I also tried some red whine from South Africa to the venison, so rich! And all the sweet liqueurs served for desserts ... Speaking of that, I needed a short break before I could even think on desserts. There was ice cream and fruits and chocolate mousse and various sorts of cheese and ...


What a feast for pure overindulgence! OMG, I'm hungry now!

CU tomorrow with 'Envy'!


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