Thursday, September 15, 2011

7-Sins: Wrath.

You nasty little beasts! You came in the night. You were not alone. Your shrill voices made my ears ache. Your bites made my skin itch. In the night, confronted with dozens of you, I was defenseless.
But not anymore. In the light of day the scales had changed to my advantage. Now the power is mine and also my revenge. Behold of my wrath! I can see you now and my weapon of doom awaits you. Come and meet your death. You nasty little mosquitoes!


My first thought: His Royal Highness Wrath, Son of Wrath
"Wrath was six feet, nine inches of pure terror dressed in leather. His hair was long and black, falling straight from a widow's peak. Wraparound sunglasses hid eyes that no one had ever seen revealed. Shoulders were twice the size of most males'. With a face that was both aristocratic and brutal, he looked like the king he was by birthright and the soldier he'd become by destiny." (Dark Lover by J.R. Ward, Black Dagger Brotherhood)

CU tomorrow with 'Gluttony'!


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