Sunday, October 30, 2011

100 Books Make Not A Library...


...but a good start!

Some drum rolls please!
Here, on this last October weekend I proudly like to announce, that I've done my Reading Challenge 2011 - successfully!

As long as I can think (... or let's better say read) I've always been a book worm. When I started this Reading Challenge, I considered 52 books, 1 book per week, doable and realistic, but not a chance for 100 books!

Just a few weeks ago, I was halfway through the epic Ulldart series, I doubted - again. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely fell in love with the world of Ulldart and I can't wait to read it soon again. You know, I have that bad habit, when I love a book (or a book series) very much, it's all about the story - first! I simply have to know, how the story continues. Will all my heroes/heroines, separated by dramatic fates really find their way back together in order to unite their forces and fight the evil and defeat the villain? And how for heaven's sake will these tricky situations ever work out well??? In case of English books I don't even care about any missing vocabulary. Evenings, nights and weekends are filled with fast reading and very little sleep!

After I'd satisfied my curiosity and calmed down my anxiety, I can give the book a second go. Now I'm able to pay attention to details, to the beauty and the style of writing and even some important vocabs. I'm not only a book worm, I'm a double-crazy book maniac!

And I'm loosing track ... focus! The Ulldart books made me doubt on the 100-book-mark, because every book has something between 400 and 650 pages. Remember, there are 9 of them! And when I take a look on my book list, there's rarely a book with under 200 pages! That I've come this far at all is only the result of my 'summer break', where I didn't feel inspired to write or blog, plus a really awful TV program and miserable summer weather, instead I did my reading - a lot of reading!

During my Ulldart time I can remember writing to a friend something like 'I should better read thin children's books.'! At that time I didn't really mean what I wrote. Right after finishing Ulldart (*sigh*) came the usual question: 'What's next?', somehow those one line had stuck in my head.

I took a closer look on my 2nd row books (Note: I really need bigger book shelves!). It's difficult to say, when I've read those Pucki and Hanni & Nanni books the last time - must have been centuries! I came to those conclusions:
  1. How innocent and naïve are these stories - in a wonderful and very lovely way!
  2. How fast and easy you can fill your 100-book-list, when one book has only 120 something pages!

So, my dear book friends, here I am ... I've really done 100 books ... and there are still two months left! Unbelievable!

Lots of love & keep reading!



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