Monday, October 31, 2011

NaNo Or Not NaNo?

These days when I read my friends' blogs or emails, it's pretty obvious, that I'm not the first to ask myself this question.

If you wonder, what the hell I'm talking about, check this out:

Last year I did my first NaNo - successfully! It was literally a last minute decision, the circumstances were quite differently back then: I had a fantastic plot idea and NaNo was just perfect to let the story burst out of my head straight into the challenge. If you want to read the whole journey, check these out:

01 Nov. 2010: NaNo Writing Month
08 Nov. 2010: The First Week With NaNo
14 Nov. 2010: Week Two With NaNo
22 Nov. 2010: NaNo, Lucky Number 3?
28 Nov. 2010: Week Four With NaNo
30 Nov. 2010: Official NaNo Winner

What gone is gone, let's better talk about current events: NaNo 2011. For sure, this year I did a few challenges:

16 Jan. 2011: February Journaling Challenge.
09 March 2011: 1st Anniversary. 7 Links Challenge.
28 March 2011: April ABC Challenge.
05 September 2011: I'm Back For The 7-Sins-Challenge.

...but somehow my focus was/is more on Art Journaling than writing. In addition, I even made a blogging summer break and focused totally on reading!

I'd say, this trend is continuing, I leave out the NaNoWRITING-Month, instead I join in the NaNoJOURNALING-Month.
I already know, that I won't be able to post perfectly on every single day (like I did in our own FJC), but stay tuned, I let you know my progresses, my successes, my failures, everything interesting and my artworks (maybe *g*)!

No matter, if you join in NaNoWriMo or NaNoJouMo or nothing at all ... be creative ... be lazy ... just enjoy your time ... and I wish you a wonderful November!

xoxo Karin

P.S. Happy Halloween!


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