Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Wreck This Journal: Trace Your Hand.

Wreck This Journal: Trace Your Hand.

I knew very early, how I want to design that page ... then finally I felt inspired to finally make it. For the background I used yellow and red 'Strohseide', on a seperate piece of paper I traced my hand and draw the Mehndi with a brown Stabilo pen. Add some shadows and ribbons ... and that's it!

Originally I also wanted to add some gemstones, but for my taste it would have been to much! Hope you like it?!?

P.S. I tried to find out, what's the correct English term for 'Strohseide', word by word translation would be 'straw silk'. It's silky, transparent and fibrous, like pieces of straw were woven in silky paper.


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