Monday, November 22, 2010

NaNo, Lucky Number 3?

I don't think so!
Third NaNo-week started with a blast, with one of writer's worst case scenario. Instead of reaching the magical margin of 25.000 words, my computer made a funny thing and killed my precious NaNo-word-document! *sniff* I can't believe it! God damn it! How could that happen???
Well, I'd had a back-up, but only from Friday ... the whole hard work of the weekend gone! Almost 6.000 words! LOST!!! How could the world be so cruel!?!?!?! Okay, that's maybe better than losing everything, but it's still very hard! It feels like losing a part of yourself. *sigh*
Stubborn as I am I didn't want to accept the loss. I tried everything to recover this stupid document ... nothing worked! I even contacted NaNo-Tech-Support, if there is maybe the slightest chance to get back my uploaded work. I didn't want to believe, that they only count the words and the text vanishes into nowhere. Well, I haven't gotten an answer, obviously I really should accept the loss. *double-sigh*
Within these days I was caught between two feelings: One, that this accident was too severe to finish NaNo successfully, even too severe to continue writing at all. Two, the ambitious part in me still wanted to fight and overcome this obstacle. The race is not over yet!
Obviously the pugnacious part had won, because I continued writing. But I couldn't rewrite the missing parts, it felt like re-animating a dead fish! Instead I edited my beginning, added a new scene there and continued the story at that point, where I'd left it before the accident. While editing I registered something interesting: That there are two voices telling the story. There are parts, where I can hear myself and there are parts, where I can exactly hear my heroine's voice. So, another note for editing, make everything sound like my heroine!
Okay, finally on Thursday, I could proudly announce that I'd cracked the 25.000 word mark: 25.313!
Now, with another weekend gone, word-wise I'm still behind, far behind, but I still hope for a big energy rush for the final week, the grand finale, the final spurt. Well, I'll let you know, how the story ends!

Just one simple question for you: When have YOU made your last backup?

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