Sunday, November 07, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 44

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, November-01: Trick or treat. A day late... What was one of your favorite treats as a kid? Or: Write about a trick you played when you were a kid.
My Mom was a fabulous cook, her pastry and cakes and cookies made you lick all your fingers. It's hard to choose just one, because everything was so delicious. Thinking of coming Christmas time, I'll truly miss her Christmas cookies. There were filled gingerbread and rum-coconut-cubes and orange-sticks and … I could almost smell the kitchen filled with spices, feel the warmth of the oven and see my Mom standing on the kitchen table. This is the real magic of Christmas, you'll never forget, no matter how old you get!

Tuesday, November-02: Street. Rename the street where you live.
Oh, now and then I call my place "World's End". Every time I wished for a faster internet connection or a far distant cultural program or a not available product or whatever lack of needs!

Wednesday, November-03: Worry. What would you like to stop worrying about?
My brain seems to be very good in thinking ... and worrying. This might be good, when you consider different possibilities or find the right present or ponder over a problem. But it's NOT helpful, when you try to get asleep and your brain is still working and worrying about God and the world and a thousand other things. So please, let me stop worrying there, just a few minutes would be fine!

Thursday, November-04: Cut. What would you like to cut?
Thinking on yesterday's prompt: My head maybe?!?

Friday, November-05: Link. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Link".
During this month my rice krispies are very, very busy, even a brief bit of fiction is too much, far too much. So, to let you know, what my brain keeps so occupied, just follow this link: NaNo Writing Month!

Saturday, November-06: School. Describe a particular room or area of a school that you attended.
You know, in Germany we don't switch class rooms. Students stay in one room and the teachers come there, exception are, when a lab is needed (like chemistry) or for sports. So, when I think of my school time, no room or area comes into my mind. I remember people, extraordinary teachers, my best friend or dear class mates!

Sunday, November-07: Talk show. You're starting your own radio or TV talk show. What will it be called, and what will the theme/topics be?
I don't like to watch talk shows, so why for heaven's sake should I like to host one? IF I should really think of any type of TV show, it would be something like "Art Attack", but for adults. A creative show for scrap bookers, art journalers or any other artists. There is nothing like that on German TV horizon.

Another win as Daily Winner! *yeah*


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