Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wreck This Journal: Draw With Glue.

(Note: Taken from my Edition of "Wreck This Journal")

Wreck This Journal: Draw With Glue.

I'd picked up the idea with the skull from another WTJ-page here on flickr and made my own version. With the result of a total glitter glue overkill! *g*

1. I made the outlines with a black pen and used black (and some yellow) watercolor for the background, let everything completely dry.
2. Then I began with the silver glitter glue on the background, used my finger to dispense the glue regularly, let everything completely dry.
3. Doing all he inside glitter glue colors in 2 sessions, each time one night of waiting - used a looot of glue, hoped for some 3D-effect, but after 24h everything was flat!

Actually, all the work was more waiting than really doing something! ;-)


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