Sunday, February 06, 2011

One-Minute-Writer: 2011-05

One Minute Writer

Monday, January-31: Extreme. Write about something some people think is fun, but you think is extreme/crazy.
A lot of people consider those TV shows, like 'Big Brother', 'DSDS' (German version of 'American Idol') or 'Jungle Camp' as fun, but in my opinion it just crazy, in the sense of nuts.

Tuesday, February-01: Early. Write about the last time you had to wake up extra-early. Why did you get up early? Was it worth it?
Ah, every day I have to wake up by the alarm clock, is extra-early for me! *lol* Okay, seriously now, the last time I had to wake up extra-early was to catch a plane for my holidays. Yeah, that's worth all the lack of sleep and grumbling in the morning, don't you think so, too?

Wednesday, February-02: Storm. Write about a storm that affected you in some way.
There's only one storm, that comes into my mind. A few years ago a devastating inner hurricane made all my emotional life go to pieces. It needed quite some time and a lot of effort to rebuild everything and come back to normal.

Yeah, Bull's Eye! Another win! *yippie*

Thursday, February-03: Too much. What is a good thing you can't have too much of?
Books. I wished I had a huuuge library for my own. You could go to all those magical places and meet wonderful people, experience the biggest adventures without leaving your home. What do you need more? (As long as there's no sponsor for my world trip! *g*)

Friday, February-04: Mouse. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Mouse".
As devoted 'Can Opener' I should know better, but those little kitties in catalogues playing joyfully with their toys are just sooo cute. So, the last time ordering, two little toy mice wandered into the shopping chart. They had a little bell inside, for sure I would regret it one day at 4 o'clock in the morning, when my two little monsters do their morning exercises. But I simply couldn't resist, one mouse had a cutie-cute zebra fur, the other one a leopard fur.
A few days later, my packets arrived, and my two little predators waited full of expectations by my feet. Perfect! Tense attention while unwrapping, a glittering glaze at the first rattle, twitching tail and heavy panting at the first throw of the mice und then ... NOTHING!!! Only a short sniff and that's all?? Obviously!
You'll never guess, what really caught my little fur monsters' interest? The cat owners among you already know, right? Not the toy mouse, not! The carton box!!! I should have know that!

Saturday, February-05: Letdown. Write about a movie you watched, book you read, or activity you tried that ended up being a letdown.
In 1993 the advertising and merchandising industry was running hot because of the new movie by Stephen Spielberg. So amazing! Great special effects on the big screen! Never seen before! Those made my expectations so immensely high, that in the end I was disappointed - that's just dinosaurs, nothing world shaking special!

Sunday, February-06: Sunday. Write a brief poem about Sunday. (Or, if you prefer, write about ice cream sundaes.)


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