Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wreck This Journal: Stain Log.

Wreck This Journal: Stain Log.

This is my Stain ... ah, pardon ... 'Coffee Cup Log'! *ggg*

Honestly, the idea of having (more) stain in my journal was ... well ... a bit nasty. Then I saw someone having that 'Pill Log'! This was my inspiration for having a log of my collectibles.
  • Background: With a bristle brush I dabbed pure flake white on the paper to get a wallpaper effect. It's sad you couldn't see that on the picture, it really feels like a rough wallpaper.
  • 32 coffee cup pictures, edited with PhotoShop to get little Polaroids. Print out, cut in shape, glued in.
  • Add the 'pins' and writing.


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