Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wreck This Journal: Write Backwards.

Wreck This Journal: Write Backwards.

I sit and wait
does an angel contemplate my fate
and do they know
the places where we go
when we're gray and old
'cos I've been told
that salvation lets their wings unfold
so when I’m lying in my bed
thoughts running through my head
and I feel that love is dead
I’m loving angels instead.

That's the first verse of "Angels", performed by Robbie Williams (Youtube)

A short note to the design:
I'd found that beautiful angels wrapping paper, but unfortunately it got completely lost under all those layers. The top layer shows the "Angel of Grief", a grave's monument located at the Testaccio Protestant Cemetery in Rome, Italy.

Oh and btw: Writing backwards is more difficult than I thought!


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