Sunday, October 17, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 41

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, October-11: Discovery. Write about a good discovery you've made (big or small!)
Myself. It's surprising, what sometimes my body is capable of. It's amazing, which hidden talents suddenly break free. It's interesting, what different topics I'm obviously interested in. I'm the biggest quest for myself, to discover all the unknown sides of me. Okay, these discoveries are not all the time 'good', but always exciting!

Tuesday, October-12: Compliment. How do you react when someone compliments you?
Honestly, I'm not the type of person, who gets compliments very often. But, if honestly given, I've learnt to simply accept them, I'm enjoyed and pleased, and I say 'Thanks!' with a likewise honestly smile.

Wednesday, October-13: Animal. If you could have one skill that a particular animal has, what animal/skill would you choose?
I've always been a cats' person. I adore the pliableness of their movements, the strength of their bodies, their ability of night sight, their fine sensibility. It's difficult to select just one skill, I want to have the full package! And talking about that ... isn't there any feline creature in mythology, that has wings, too?

*hmm* I think, that's the point! It's not a single skill that makes you unique, but a good combination of several ones!

Thursday, October-14: Lost. Write about a time you lost something.
There was a dark time in my life when I'd almost lost myself. It's hard to think of that era, it felt like a pitch black darkness with no interests, no feelings ... nothing. But like early morning dawn defeats the darkness, the light has come back into my life. And now I understand the words of a wise man: "You can't appreciate the light, when you've never experienced the darkness."

Friday, October-15: Castle. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Castle".
Once upon a time there was a prince. He was a very handsome man with a splendorous figure and a lovely face. As beautiful he was from the outside, as ugly he was from the inside. He was selfish, moody and cruel to everyone. His mother didn't see his bad behavior, because she loved him too much. His father didn't see it either, because he was a great knight, very often gone fighting in war.
One day the prince had gone too far. He insulted and mistreated an old bondmaid very badly. But the old woman wasn't just an old woman. She was a powerful witch. As punishment she transfigured the prince into an ugly gargoyle, damned to stand on the highest tower of the castle. Once a year the witch granted him to come down as a human and spend one day among his people.
After the first year the prince's behavior hadn't improved, on the contrary. He was full of anger and terrorized everyone in the castle. The witch, who had watched everything secretly, decided to prolong his time as a gargoyle to five years.
The next few times the prince became a human, he tried to control his bad temper, but it wasn't really any better. His mother couldn't stand this no longer, finally she died out of grief. His father followed her shortly. The prince, still narrow minded, blamed not his own behavior, but only the witches' curse. This made the witch to prolong his time as a gargoyle to ten years.
The decades went by and everyone the prince once know were gone. A century later the prince heard some rumors the witch had died. He hoped with the witch gone her curse would be gone, too. The day came for him to become a human, but the following day, he found himself again as the ugly gargoyle. This made him slowly change his mind and think of other ways than cruelty how to break the curse.
Ten years ago, exactly on the day when he was a human, the prince attended a masquerade in the castle. There he had met a young girl. He told her the 'fairytale' of the prince and the gargoyle. The girls sympathy and her lovely, soft attitude caused a sting in the princes chest, he had never felt before. On the end of the day, he told the girl, that he had to go abroad for ten years, but he wished to see her again. She agreed.
In a few days these ten years would be over. The prince could hardly anticipating the day. But he was also full of fear. Ten years could be a very long time. The girl would be a young woman now. Would she be there at all? For the very first time in his whole life the prince felt something else than fury and anger, the first time his thoughts concerned not himself but for someone else.
Will he see her again? Could there be any change in his life? What would this day bring? ... What do YOU think?

Saturday, October-16: Six Word Saturday. Describe your life in six words.
Days are passing at fast rate!

Sunday, October-17: Ruler. If and when you become the Supreme Ruler of the World, who will be your top advisor?
Honestly, I'd prefer someone else to do that job. And please, let ME be the top advisor!


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