Sunday, October 10, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 40

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, October-04: Campfire. Write about a memory you have related to a campfire. (If you don't have any such memories, write about any fire-related memory.)
I had completely forgotten that episode *lol*:
Imagine four saucy teenage girls, a meadow at the gates of a little village and a tent. OMG, we hadn't had a glue of how to camp or how to light a campfire, but we were young, independent, full of energy ... and had a blast of a time!

Tuesday, October-05: Blind. Write about what type of "selective blindness" you'd like to have (an inability to see something in particular.)
I have two cats, two long-haired cats. I also have all gadgets for hair-free clothes, as well as different brushes and a special adapter for my vacuum cleaner. Despite that it's hard to achieve to get rid of really each single hair. So, you can say I've developed a "selective blindness" to my cats' hair, a picky person, who comes into my house, probably wouldn't have! *meow* =^..=

Wednesday, October-06: Purchase. Write about a purchase you made that was not worth the money.
Obviously I haven't made any mispurchases lately, so let me think another minute ... with still my cats in mind:
The range and variety of cat-toys is simply amazing. Each promises loads of entertainment and hours and hours of joyful play. I'm just a poor 'can-opener', easy to seduce, buying a lot of those magnificent products. And my cats? They gave them a little sniff, with some good luck a few minutes of interest ... and ignored them! Well, obviously they haven't read the advertisement! =^..^=

Another win as Daily Winner! *yeah*

Thursday, October-07: Lie. Write about a time someone told you a lie when you were growing up.
'It doesn't take long.'
'We're soon there.'
'Just a minute, dear.'
Every single time I've heard sentences like that: A lie!

Friday, October-08: Secret. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Secret".
Dear Jane,
I hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits. Or arrives you at all? You'll never know, if stagecoaches are reliable. Please reassure me with your next message, that you've received my lines. And that it was you, who broke the wax seal. The seal was still intact, wasn't it? Please, sooth my fears! Immediately!
You'll never believe what just had happened?
Please do excuse my bad hand writing. I'm still so excited and my hand is trembling. I can't even breathe and my head swirls that much, that I can't think clearly.
Before I tell you, what had happened, you have to swear me with everything that is precious for you, that you read this message all alone! You don't share these news with no one, and 'no one' includes your sister! It would be better you burn the paper after reading it! These information are so explosive, it's very unseemly that a girl like me knows about. I know, I can trust you, that you can keep a secret! Something I can't. I don't have the strength to remain quiet. Please forgive my weakness! You are my best friend, my closest confident, my beloved sister in hearts.
So, please, take your seat, stay quiet, when I tell you now, that

...that WHAT??? Come on, Lizzy! Please! Do not tell me, you have forgotten to add the second piece of paper to your letter?

Saturday, October-09: Who. Answer the owl's question. ("Who?")
A human.
A 34-year-old female, a lecturer, a cats owner, a passionate reader and a wanna-be-writer.
Isn't that enough?
Well, then I have to think 'who' else I am!

Sunday, October-10: Lazy. What is your favorite lazy way to spend a day?
Oh, that's easy. Give me a good book or two. Enough groceries to not leave the house. And please, bad weather would be perfect.


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