Thursday, May 31, 2012

Genuine Inspiration - A Rush Of Writing.

It's strange in those weird days, somehow my mind seems kind of overproductive. Currently I work on various projects:
  1. A-Z Apocalypse. 
  2. Dream Diary. 
  3. My novel 'Neighborhood Cats: The Secret of the Moonstone'. 
  4. ArtJournaling incl. WTJ. 
  5. Writing letters to my dearest friends.
Actually you can add a No. 6 with extra blogposts like this one here!

This time I want to report about a phenomenon I experienced with No. 3 of my list. Last weekend I finished the prologue, how everything in the year 1346 had started. Well, I've heard other authors saying about this, but this was my first own experience.

Quite early I knew how the scene should be, but when I actually wrote it, something strange happened: Suddenly I felt no longer as the person, who just is inventing the story, instead I felt like really being there, like a silent observer reporting about the events. There were suddenly details and actions I've never had thought of before! It was sooo strange! Like a rush. My biro couldn't write fast enough like the scene revealed itself. I was drawn back in time, down into that chamber. I felt shivery goosebumps. Simply amazing!

Just have to think on that quote from the movie 'Inception':
'Imagine your designing a building. You consciously create every aspect, but sometimes it feels like it's creating itself (...) Genuine inspiration!'

Does this mean to be an author?
If 'yes', wish me luck to continue this way! The more I can write the earlier I can start translating into English and the earlier you'll get the story as blog serial novel to read.


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