Sunday, May 02, 2010

Creative Writing: A Dialogue Story

(Note: This is a "Creative Writing Prompt")

Write a pure dialogue story. Make your story move along by using dialogues only. No narration, no description - just dialogues.

»Hi, darling. Where are you?«
»I'm just entering the park. Where are you?«
»The bench at the playground south of the lake.«
»Okay, I'm coming.«
»See you in a minute.«
»Hi, darling.«
»Hi. I'm so sorry for being late, but that meeting wouldn't have come to an end. Someone should tell that idiot Blake, that he's the only one who likes his endless speeches!«
»It's okay, now you're here. That's all what counts.«
»Thanks! So, what are we doing here, Steve?«
»Oh, haven't I told you? I have a little surprise for you. Would you please close your eyes? Hmmm, I think I better help you. We don't want you cheating!«
»Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, my sweet Sara, happy birthday to you! Taraaa!«
»It's a picnic!«
»This is perfect. How did you know?«
»A man knows, what a man has to know.«
»Claire told you or Mum, right?«
»Come on, please?«
»A men never reveals his sources. Would you like to start with a glass of champagne?«
»You want to distract me.«
»If it works ...«
»Yes, it does!«
»Cheerio, Miss Sophie!«
»Cheerio, James!«
»Let's sit down, honey. I have some strawberries and little sandwiches and some Brownies, everything you like.«
»Have I told you lately, that you're the best?«
»Not in the last 10 minutes.«
»I love you.«
»I love you, too.«

What do you think: Mission accomplished?


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