Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wreck This Journal: Tear Out. Crumple.

(Note: Taken from my Edition of "Wreck This Journal")

Wreck This Journal: Tear Out. Crumple.

Well, I thought of some Batik-thing, but unfortunately the lines from crumpling didn't appear as clear as expected. The Crumple-Effect is a bit better seen in real than on the picture, maybe because the right page is the "Sky background" of my "Paper Airplane Page" and already been saturated once.

1. Crumple the pages - as instruction was demanding.
2. Sketching the outlines with a pencil.
3. Using watercolors for the soft-flowing-effect.
Note: You don't have to take much care about exact lines! (See step 4) Take care not to use too much color, more watery.
4. After let everything dry, using Flake White for the outlines.


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