Sunday, September 26, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 38

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, September-20: Book. Write about a book you're currently reading.
I've just finished the 1st chapter of 'The God Of Small Things' by the Indian writer Arundhati Roy. The book had won a lot of prizes and got brilliant reviews. For my part, it's hard to say much thus far: I'm a bit confused by the many characters and the two time zones. Well, I never judge a book by its cover, and I don't judge a book after the first chapter either! You're welcome to ask again after I'm finished with the book!

Tuesday, September-21: Forget. Complete this thought: "I usually forget ...".
I usually forget ... what was the question?

Wednesday, September-22: Better. Complete this thought: "Someone really needs to design a better ...".
Someone really needs to design better people or a better brain or a better awareness. On the one side our planet provides mankind with everything it needs, but on the other side, we destroy the nature, exploit natural resources, we fight wars for unimportant reasons, half of the world suffers on fatal diseases, hunger and a lack of clean water, some even treat their children very badly! Can you tell me, how this shall work out well, if we don't change our minds soon?

Thursday, September-23: Feel. What do you do, even when you don't feel like it?
Getting up every morning when that damn alarm clock rings! I'm an owl, so PLEASE let me sleep late, but NO! I get up every single morning, again and again. I'm a good girl, am I not?

Friday, September-24: Dinosaur. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt, "Dinosaur".
»Do you know, what you are? I'll tell you! A dinosaur.«
»There is no need to get loud.«
»Why not? I just tell the truth! You and your ancient attitudes. They're just like dinosaurs, an extinguished species.«
She really loved Corrine, but sometimes she couldn't believe that they were sisters. Nobody, who sees them, could have ever imagined, that two girls, twins, looking totally similar on the outside, could be so different in the inside.
»Come on, Corrine! What's the problem? It's just a picture.«
»Just a picture? You're almost naked! I don't want anybody to see me on that cover.«
»First, it's a wonderful bikini and second, it's not you, it's me!«
»Carolyn, come on please...«

When Dr. Corban made his late evening check through the station, he paused on her door, took a quick look into the room and sighted. Obviously the new medications hadn't had any effect. That poor girl was standing in front of the window discussing with her own reflection.

Another win as Daily Winner! *yeah*

Saturday, September-25: Doctor. Write about the best or worst doctor who has treated you.
"I don't know, what your problem is!" is a sentence you don't want to hear from your therapist!

Sunday, September-26: School. Write about your first day of kindergarten (or a memorable first day from another school year.)
I consider my first day in Primary School as most memorable. I was the only girl having a blue "Schultuete" instead of a girlish pink one. I was so proud of it!
I wonder: Is there something like a "Schultuete" in the US or UK? It's a cardboard cone filled with sweets or small presents, given to children on their first school day.


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