Thursday, September 09, 2010

Quiz: Are you skilled?

I was doing a google research. The context was a about art, which made me stumble over this quiz here:

Of course, curious as I am, I had to participate. Not just because of the results, but more HOW they will find out what my chances are to see my talent burst out.

Don't you worry, I won't post the whole 5 pages of the result pdf-file (that's why they ask you for your email address!), just a few notes:
  • Time: You took a little too long to do the test.
    Yeah, that's right! I had to look up several words, because I simply didn't know the meaning!
  • Artistic culture: You probably know that you are short of knowledge in this domain.
    I don't deny that!
  • Technical knowledge: You already know quite a lot but there are still gaps to be filled.
  • Talents, gifts and predispositions: You have quite a lot of talent and you should try to make the most of it. (...)You are quite rigorous and precise. (...) You have demonstrated your organizational qualities.
    I can agree totally ... and I'm on my way!
  • Are you made more for a "craft" or a "fine-arts" activity? Your nature seems to suit you for forms of pure artistic expression, although technique, know-how and expertise also play an important part. You could express yourself by practicing a technique provided that artistic objectives were involved.
    All right!
  • Detailed personal evaluation: You do unquestionably possess a talent. But is it really a hidden talent? I don't think so.
    I wouldn't have expected anything else! *g*
I consider it very fascinating how close the results are to my personal sense and judgment. Anyway, it was fun and interesting!


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