Sunday, September 19, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 37

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, September-13: Monday. Rename Monday.

Tuesday, September-14: Weak. In what way are you weak?
Patience. My private patience is rather weak. I truly HATE e.g. waiting for book releases, especially if the book is a part of a series! You desperately want to know how the story continues and you have to wait felt 10 years! This sucks!

Wednesday, September-15: Slang. Create a slang word and define it.
I'm awful with slang. Really. So finally, I began playing acronym with my name 'Karin' ... and got out: Ikran. You may have heard that, haven't you? Ikran is incidentally that flying creature in the movie 'Avatar', a Na'vi has to tame and ride to become a warrior.
It's no slang word, but interesting, isn't it?

Thursday, September-16: Gift. Write about an unexpected gift you've received.
This prompt made me think really hard. After reading all the other wonderful posts, I have to say, it makes me a bit sad that I can't enlist something similar moving. I could say, it's a gift to live in the century of internet and find all those wonderful people I otherwise wouldn't have met. But honestly, this sounds rather shallow and exaggerated, right? So, my unexpected gift was a plain book, sent by my dear friend Stefanie, that I was absolutely rejoiced over!

Friday, September-17: Swing. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt, "Swing".
When I was a kid I stayed at my Granny's house every summer. The tiny village she lived in, had a little playground with a sand box, a see-saw, two swings and a little fountain. But this was no ordinary playground. Huge oaks covered the place and the sunlight, which came through the leaves, was sparkly and transformed everything into a place of magic. We were the heroes, who had to conquer big adventures, fight the enemies and find the hidden treasures.
I wonder, if this playground still exists ... I don't think so! Even if, it will never be the same like the magical one in my childhood! Thank you for bringing me back there!

Saturday, September-18: Time. Write about an experience you had when you lost track of time.
Books seem to make the funniest things with time. Waiting for one of these objects give you additional, very extended time and you don't want it! It feels like ages and ages. Your patience is put to a real acid test. Then, just the minute you have the book in your hand, the counterbalance begins: Time slows down. You start to read and time even vanishes. Just one more chapter, please, I simply have to know how this situation could ever work out well. Some more, just a little more, okay? You turn page after page after page, you have to ... until there is no more page! How could that happen? Even more, you've read the whole night through? How could THAT happen? You're tired to death, your eyes burn, you're absolutely disorientated, because you don't know, where all the time had gone, but you're absolutely ... at peace!

Sunday, September-19: Alien. Tomorrow morning you wake up to find a visitor from another planet, on your doorstep. What do you say to it?
Hi (saying-unintelligible-name-in-alien-language)! It's about time! Can I come home now, please?


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