Saturday, February 04, 2012

And I Thought I'm Quite Familiar With That Topic!

For 10 years my two cats Sheela and Amira share my home with me. Sure, my family had cats before, but those two are special. They are my first own pets and it's in my responsibility to take care for them.
I was a student back then when they entered my life. A student with boring computer classes and a free internet access. Only logical that I landed sooner or later in a forum discussing all the cats' maters.

In about two, maybe three years I left almost 1.000 entries in the Fressnapf Forum. I discussed everything ... nutrition, toys, accommodation, behavior and diseases, wrote about funny events and posted pictures ... in short, everything a dediCATed owner is interested in.

In those times I also developed a favor for cats' literature. As student with a small budget I used eBay to satisfy my need for books. Have you ever registered how many novels about cats are out there?

To come to the point: I considered myself as a person with a broad knowledge of cats. As long as I just wrote short stories there was no doubt about it. But now ... how shocking is that! ... I have to face my lack of knowledge!

Even more - I want to publish this particular story as serial novel on my blog. Means, there's the need to write/translate in English. It's advantageous to have a basic cat vocabulary from the musical Cats, but more on first sight easy words become a problem, because my regular dictionary doesn't know them!

Cats seem to be just a minor problem, easy compared to topics like the law or the middle ages or the deep sea. Topics some of my favorite books deal with!

Now it's my own turn to combine fiction with facts, I learn to respect the importance of research and I learn to appreciate the hard research work of other writers - more than ever before!

Let's face it, research belongs to an author's most important tools!


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