Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Wreck This Journal: Place For Your Grocery Lists.

Wreck This Journal: Place For Your Grocery Lists.

Honestly, I would be completely lost without my grocery lists, I wouldn't bring home half of the goods I need!

But WTJ is a whole different area: For myself and my taste I couldn't find a way to make this page at least a little interesting by only using my grocery lists, there's always quite the same written down on them ... so, I used my right for interpretations: Instead of placing a dozen similar looking, boring grocery lists, I made a collage of wrapping papers of goods and groceries I've bought. As for the fact, that most of the wrappings are quite huge, I bet, this page would look so much better on a larger scale ... but I'm quite satisfied with this result, too! What do you think?


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