Sunday, June 27, 2010

One-Minute-Writer: Week 25

(Note: These are writing prompts of "One-Minute-Writer-Blog")

Monday, June-21: Point of view. Think about a time you were recently in public. Describe what you were doing, from the point of view of a stranger observing you.
Day: 157. Place: A bookshop. Observed object: A female human. Time: 01:36 p.m. The human has just entered the place and goes straight to the moving stairs for the upper floor. Despite the impression, the female knows what she's doing or wanting, she just strolls around without any recognizable aim. On several places she stops for a minute or two, targeting her look on some of the exhibited objects. Some seem to raise her interest, because they were taken into the hand and turned to the backside, where I guess some kind of information. To my disappointment, most of the objects were taken right back. Finally, the human seems to have found what she was looking for. She takes one of the objects. But again no scheme is visible, what made her decide. Now she's sitting down, very calmly, focusing on the white inwards of the object.

Tuesday, June-22: Silly rabbit. Remember that old Trix cereal slogan? Silly rabbit! Trix are for kids! Fill in the blanks: Silly _____! ______ are/is for _____!
Silly girl! Love is for the lucky ones!

Wednesday, June-23: Vaccination. Write about something (not a traditional contagious illness) against which you'd like to be vaccinated.
Well, a vaccination against human's stupidity and ignorance would be fine! What do you think? Okay, seriously speaking then: I would love to be vaccinated against my impatience. In my business life I'm Mrs. Patience in person, but in my private life - a whole different world! I truly HATE e.g. waiting for book releases, especially if the book is a part of a series! You desperately want to know how the story continues and you have to wait felt 10 years for more! This sucks!

Thursday, June-24: Skill. Are you a cat person or a dog person (or another type of person altogether)? Why?
In my love for books I treat them very well. No broken spines, no dog ears, no stains! But then I came across Wreck this Journal. A book  where you are challenged to do all those kind of stuff you usually NEVER do to a book, e.g. torn, poke, crumple, drown with water or even burn pages! For me it's hard to believe that I could ever to this, more to be surprised to find a very creative way in doing it!

Friday, June-25: Beggar. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt "Beggar".
Obviously there are situations in your life you could never be prepared for. One of those was my very first day in India. As we left Victoria Terminus, Mumbai's central railway station, all our senses were rushed with overkill impressions: The climate and the heat we had to fight with, the new the exotic and dusted smells, that confused our noses, the cacophony of the traffic and the crowds of people everywhere. But worst of all was the sight of beggars all around, to see mothers with babies and children begging for some money or food. No, I wasn't prepared for this!

Saturday, June-26: Obsolete. Write about an item you use frequently that you think (or hope) will be obsolete in 20 years.
I hope, and think also, our way of transportation we know these days will be obsolete. Well, at least our petrol running cars. Be sure the day will come, when our oil resources had run dry. Aren't engineers already working on substitutes? I hope so much, better sooner than later we change to electric cars or something similar, that helps to save our planet.

Sunday, June-27: Movie. Write about a movie you loved as a child.
It's not a movie, but a TV-series I remember very clearly! Star Trek, the original crew with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. It's one of my most lively memories, when we were kids and playing Star Trek out in the garden. With enemies all around we had to conquer, new spaces we had to discover - our imagination was simply endless!


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